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Planning for the Adoption Process

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Using Stock Nature Video To Promote Tourism To Your Small Or Medium City

Across the U.S., hundreds of cities do everything they can to entice visitors and draw in tourism dollars. One of the key pieces to marketing your small- to medium-sized community to visitors is having a compelling video that shows people what you have to offer.

The problem? Professional videos take time -- and a considerable budget -- to make. There's a way to cut down on both, and that's by using stock video.

It's true that stock video is not going to show the unique aspects of your town and surrounding area. However, stock nature video clips can be effectively used to enhance your promotional tourism marketing video. 

Take Care of Some B-Roll Footage

When news crews used to shoot footage of an event, they called the main video where someone was talking or action was taking place the "A-Roll." Anything else, such as scenery or anything that didn't require sound, was dubbed "B-Roll." That term has stuck, referring to anything that isn't a crucial piece of the video.

But you need B-Roll footage in order to make a compelling video. It can aid with transitions or make a moving background image to accompany a key piece of spoken information. And many providers of stock nature video are going to have clips that are from around your area. Maybe they won't show your town or city, but they'll look like the same general area. You can show animals or the types of foliage that are common around where you live in order to transition from one point to another in your tourism video.

By using stock nature video, you won't have to pay for the time of a film crew to go and get B-Roll footage themselves, so you can save your budget for shooting people and events that distinguish your city.

Show More Than Your Budget Allows

You likely would not be able to afford to have a film crew shoot video in all seasons. Likewise, you may not want to spend your budget having a videographer wait for local wildlife to show up so you can add that to your promotional video. Instead, show viewers what you have to offer via stock nature video. You'll have more options to choose from and can easily integrate the stock footage with your unique city shots.

Fill Any Last-Minute Gaps

Almost done with your video and you realize you need to say just one more thing? While well-planned videos don't often diverge from their initial story, sometimes something new and different will need to be added at the last minute.

Stock nature video is one way to help lengthen the video and give you more images that help you add to the story without spending more time and money to create video.

Talk to a video production company like DPA Photo about how to use stock nature video clips that match your landscape, wildlife and surrounding area to enhance your city's promotional video.