Planning for the Adoption ProcessPlanning for the Adoption Process

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Planning for the Adoption Process

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of the complex process of adopting a sweet baby. One of the first things we’re doing is hiring a professional photographer. This individual is going to take several pictures of the two of us. These beautiful photos will be used to help create our adoption profile. This profile will be accessed by people both online and offline. Do you need to upload pictures of you for an online, profile page? Consider enlisting the help of an expert photographer to help capture your best attributes in stunning pictures. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a professional photographer to make photos of you that will be placed online. Enjoy!


Celebrating Your Child's Birthday With Party Portraits

One fun way to celebrate your child's birthday is to have fun party portraits taken of your little one and his or her friends. Setting up the photo area can be a lot of fun for you too. Here are a few ideas you can use to create a spectacular party portrait background.

Choose A Theme

The theme for your party portraits can match the party theme, or it can be a simple birthday design. Select a family of colors you will use for all decorations and backdrops, and consider consulting with your party photographer to ensure the color scheme will photograph well. Once you've chosen a theme and color scheme, you can begin shopping for all the items you'll need to create perfect party portraits.

Select A Backdrop

The backdrop is what will show the most in the background of each photo, so take extra care in selecting the right one for your tiny tot's photos. Your photographer may have a selection of backdrops to choose from, but you can always create your own if you are crafty. Some ideas for backdrops might include stars and planets for an astronaut party or a castle for a princess party. You can also get creative with streamers and balloons to create a colorful backdrop if the party doesn't have a set theme.

Purchase Props

Props can add extra fun to each portrait. A tiny throne is perfect for a princess or Medieval birthday party, while a treasure chest filled with party beads can make a great addition to pirate-themed portraits. Another option is to inflate many balloons (without helium) to cover the floor in front of the backdrop. This gives the photographer a great opportunity to take action shots of all the party guests playing with the balloons. If you want to go for more of a photo booth feel in the pictures, consider investing in some costumes the children can dress up in before taking pictures.

Plan For Picture Distribution

Giving the portraits to the parents of each party guest is a great way to thank them for being a part of your little one's special day. Work with your photographer to select the best image of each child, and have it printed in an 8 by 10 format. You can have each picture framed in a border that matches your party theme for a perfect finishing touch.

Consider doing party portraits every year at your child's birthday party. You can have fun planning the theme for each year's portraits, and you get a collection of adorable pictures to share with your child. For more information, contact companies like PepperLu.