Planning for the Adoption ProcessPlanning for the Adoption Process

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Planning for the Adoption Process

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of the complex process of adopting a sweet baby. One of the first things we’re doing is hiring a professional photographer. This individual is going to take several pictures of the two of us. These beautiful photos will be used to help create our adoption profile. This profile will be accessed by people both online and offline. Do you need to upload pictures of you for an online, profile page? Consider enlisting the help of an expert photographer to help capture your best attributes in stunning pictures. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a professional photographer to make photos of you that will be placed online. Enjoy!


How You Can Use Photography To Increase Interest And Engagement In Your Trade Show Booth

Planning a trade show booth takes effort and a lot of planning. You want the attendees to the event to spend as much time as possible at your booth learning about your company and what you can do for them. If you don't have enough interest or engagement, it will be harder to convert those that do show up at your booth into potential clients or customers.

How you can use photography to increase interest in your trade show booth and increase engagement at the same time.

Hire A Professional Photographer To Take Headshots

It doesn't matter what kind of trade show it is — travel, corporate, or entertainment — hiring a professional photographer to take headshots of attendees can not only bring traffic to your booth but engage them and get them interested in learning about your services. You could offer the added service of touching up the photos taken, give them a selection of photos to choose from, and even add branding and logos to the photos.

It makes for a great lead generation tool because in order for attendees to retrieve their photos, they need to leave contact information, such as their real email address or phone number. If you want to up the ante, you could offer social media uploading to their Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook accounts as well.

Green Screen and Special Effects Pictures

People love to have their pictures taken in front of famous landmarks or in the middle of their favorite city. You could offer photographs with a green screen and special effects featured with them. You could have your visitors choose backgrounds such as Paris, a movie's red carpet, an awards show, or even a beach.

This makes for a fun and interesting take-home souvenir that not only promotes your business but makes you someone to remember. Depending on the type of trade show, you could attract Influencers to your booth who could indulge in the service and then promote you on their social media channels, increasing your exposure to a wider audience.

Live Streaming And Creating Videos At the Event

If you are looking to get potential customers or clients to engage with you, whether at the trade show or not, try live streaming the event or just your booth. When you live stream your trade show experience, you are effectively bringing a wide audience with you on your journey at the show. You could show the setup and explain how and why you are doing what you are doing, you could also live stream visitors to your booth and show how you explain your services to them.

You could also create videos you upload to social media like Instagram and Youtube. This could explain your services, helping out customers or even create videos for your booth visitors for their own websites or social media. These don't have to be long, involved videos, they could be a simple introduction or "About Me" type videos.

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